On this page you can see some examples of the armour I've made. Prices not shown because every piece is a custom product. The price of each individual piece is determined by the amount of work; size, type and thickness of material, finish, mechanisms and other details, all of which has to be discussed in detail prior work starts. All pieces, if not otherwise stated, are hot forged to shape ("raising").

Cuirass of mild steel, 2mm front | 1,5mm back. Veg tan straps.

Standard of mild steel, wedge riveted, flat ring OD 8mm. Linen padding.

Vambraces of C60W carbon steel, heat treated to c. 30-45 HRc. Veg tan leather straps.

Cuirass of heat treated steel (0.6%C ~35HRc)

Sabatons of heat trated steel (0.77%C ~45HRC) Brass banding, bronze buckles.

Gauntlets of heat treated steel (0.45%C ~30HRC) Leather gloves & strapping.

Armet of heat treated steel (0.6%C ~45HRC) Maille aventail flat wedge riveted mild steel rings. Padded suspension of linen fabric, loose linen fiber and horse mane hair.

Secrette of heat treated steel (0.45%C ~30HRC) with a woollen dockenbarett. Veg tanned and dyed leather suspension.

Helmet of 2mm riveted mild steel, russeted surface and gilded brass decoration. SCA.

Gauntlets of heat treated steel (C60W), russeted, brass banding

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