Here is a small selection of arms I've made; blunts for historical fencing, sharps for cutting practices, collecting and displays, etc. For the same reasons as with armour, no prices visible. Every piece is 100% hand made.

Sword Length 880mm, blade 720mm, weight 900g, PoB 80mm. C60R Carbon steel HRc ~55, wood, bronze and tooled leather.

Longsword Length 1330mm, blade 980mm, cross 243mm, weight 1460g, PoB 95mm. Blade steel C60W, hardness c. 55-57 HRc.

Longsword Length 1280mm, blade 960mm, cross 240mm, weight 1380g, PoB 90mm. Blade steel Uddeholm Calmax, hardness c. 55-57 HRc.

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